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Welcome to Bag Checklist, the ultimate resource for luxury travelers. Meet Emily, the Luxury Travel Mom - a travel expert and advocate for luxury experiences worldwide. Emily's style is meticulous and detail-oriented, evident in her comprehensive travel checklists that cover everything from airport procedures to hotel amenities. As a Virtuoso travel agent and expert in luxury travel, Emily has visited the nicest hotels in the world, taken scenic luxury cruises and tours, and experienced luxury train journeys. On Bag Checklist, Emily provides packing checklists and tips for those who struggle with travel anxiety, offering advice on everything from minimalist packing to using Benadryl for flight anxiety. Whether you're looking for a road trip checklist or a packing list for a hospital stay, Emily's got you covered. Her recommendations include the Four Seasons Private Jet, the Venice Simplon Orient Express, and the Belmond Napasai. Emily's passion for adventure and luxury travel is infectious, encouraging her readers to seek out the most exclusive and luxurious destinations. Looking for the most luxurious train in the world? Emily's got you covered with her recommendations for luxury train travel with sleeping cars. Want to know the top 10 luxury travel companies in the world? Check out Emily's website for her expert insights. Whether you're planning a vacation abroad or a private jet tour, Bag Checklist is the ultimate resource for luxury travel destinations and experiences. Emily's website also provides helpful resources for those who experience travel anxiety or pre-travel anxiety symptoms. From fear of traveling to vacation anxiety, Emily offers practical tips for managing anxiety before and during your travels. Emily's packing checklists and airport checklists will also help alleviate stress and make your travels smoother. In addition to luxury travel recommendations, Bag Checklist also features reviews and information on the most luxurious hotels, resorts, and spas worldwide. From the Hotel de Crillon to the Ritz Carlton Cruises 2023, Emily's website provides expert insights on Forbes 5-star hotels and the most expensive vacations. Whether you're looking for a luxury family vacation or a solo adventure, Bag Checklist is the ultimate resource for luxury travel and experiences.